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NHRCK's Goals and Priorities for 2010

Goals and Priorities by year 2010
Areas Target Groups & Aims
Ⅰ. Safeguarding civil and political rights 1.To protect basic freedoms and physical integrity
2.To strengthen civil and political rights including the freedom of expression
3.To enhance the domestic implementation of international human rights norms
4.To protect the right to privacy on-line
Ⅱ. Advancing the rights of children and the elderly 1.To improve the rights of students
2.To improve the rights of children of vulnerable groups
3.To protect the rights of athlete students
4.To protect the rights of the elderly
Ⅲ. Promoting the economic, social and cultural rights of economically vulnerable groups 1.To enhance basic standards and infrastructure to implement the economic, social and cultural rights in accordance with international recommendations
2. To safeguard the rights of the impoverished
3.To improve the labor rights of non-regular workers
Ⅳ. Improving the rights of migrants in a multi-cultural society 1.To integrate a human rights perspective in multi-cultural and migrants policies
2.To protect the rights of migrant workers and migrant women
3.To ensure the rights of children of multi-cultural families
Ⅴ. Strengthening the anti-discrimination policies and remedies that pertain to socially 1.To promote non-discrimination in employment
2.To ensure non-discrimination against persons with disabilities
3.To protect the rights of persons with mental disabilities
4.To improve the rights of women
[Special Task]
Improving North Korean human rights
1.To improve human rights status of North Koreans
2.To promote humanitarian affairs
3.To improve the human rights condition of North Korean defectors including children
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