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Human Rights in North Korea


The National Human Rights Commission of Korea has carried out various projects in efforts protect the human rights of North Koreans since 2003, particularly with the Ten Priorities in 2007 and the Six Priorities in 2008. In 2009, the Commission designated the North Korea human rights project as a special project and has conducted it ever since. The Commission conducts research on human rights of people living in North Korea, defectors living outside Korea, as well as human rights issues concerning prisoners of war, abductees and separated families.. It examines the government policies related to human rights issues in North Korea, while providing recommendations, opinions and other policy-related activities. The Commission also seeks to strengthen discourse and cooperation with international human rights organizations and relevant NGOs at home and abroad, while implementing a range of activities on a constant basis to improve the human rights situation for North Koreans.




2012 Compilation of North Korean Human Rights Violations

2012 symposium booklet

2013 symposium booklet

2016 International Symposium on NKHR

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