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The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) has a mandate to investigate the human rights violations perpetrated by central and local governments or detention and protection centers and to provide remedies to the victims.
The Commission also has jurisdiction over discrimination by private entities and organizations on the basis of sex, religion, disability, age, social status, nationality, race, region of orientation, appearance, marital status, pregnancy, family status, skin color, idea, political orientation, sexual orientation, medical history, etc. At the same time, the Commission has the authority to conduct an investigation on its own initiative if there is a reason to believe that human rights violations or discrimination occurred and the cases are considered crucial for the promotion and protection of human rights. At the detention and protection centers, the Commission is allowed to conduct an on-site investigation. Sexual harassment in the public sector is also within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

Key Investigations

  • An army training camp that forced soldiers to eat human feces
  • Mental health facilities that infringed upon human rights of their inmates
  • Forced eviction of undocumented migrants
  • Death of a person with disability at Balsan subway station (violation of the right to move for persons with disabilities)
  • Discriminatory items in application forms requiring family and academic background
  • Age limits for civil service applicants

NAP(National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights)

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