National Human Rights Commission of Korea

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The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you

Action Plans

  • Commission’s efforts are focused on creating a society where all members are treated equally. In March of 2006, the Commission announced the National Action Plans for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights. The vision and mission set for in the Plan will guide the Commission for the next three years as it moves forward to achieve its goal to enhance the awareness of human rights in the Korean society.

Our Vision Is

  • A World of Dignity for All

Our Missions Are

  • Realize a world of human rights where everyone is respected, overcoming polarization and discrimination.

Our Five Goals Are

  • Strengthening social rights and guarantee alife with human dignity; 

  • Realizing an equal world through resolving discrimination; 

  • Establishing a sustainable human rights governance;

  • Expanding and diversifying area of human rights;

Special Project

  • Active Response to deter the spread of hate-expression.

Feature Project

  • Capacity building of NHRCK.
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